Meet the
Infranity Team

Our team draws on decades of combined experience and expertise and is a recognised infrastructure team in Europe. Dedication, specialization, integrity and professionalism are the core values that define us and that we always put at the service of our investors.


Philippe Benaroya
Managing Partner, CEO
Philippe Benaroya is Managing Partner and CEO of Infranity. Philippe has over 27 years of experience in [...]
Alban de La Selle
Managing Partner, CIO
Alban de La Selle is Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer of Infranity. Alban started his career in 1994 [...]
Gilles Lengaigne
Managing Partner, Head of Origination & Corporate Development
Gilles Lengaigne is Managing Partner and Head of Origination & Corporate Development of Infranity. He also leads [...]

Our team

Investment - Debt
Sacha Kamp
Investment Managing Director
Sacha began his career at the United Nations, joining the Geneva office in 2001 before moving to [...]
Stefan Rattensperger
Investment Executive Director
Stefan started his career in 2006 at the World Bank, advising on infrastructure projects in Eastern Europe and [...]
Francesco Cauli
Investment Executive Director
Francesco started his career in 2009 in London at Standard & Poor’s Risk Solutions team, a department [...]
Nicolas Oddos
Investment Executive Director
Nicolas began his career in 2013 at Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank in London in 2013 as a [...]
Georgios Tzimas
Investment Director
Georgios Tzimas started his career in 2015 at Vinci Group as a civil engineer before joining the Infrastructure and [...]
Garbiñe Unda Barturen
Investment Vice President
Garbiñe Unda Barturen began her career in 2016 at BBVA Bank in Spain where she completed a Corporate and [...]
Julien Dersy
Investment Vice President
Julien began his career in 2016 in the M&A department of Natixis Partners before joining the French [...]
Marie Dowlatyari
Investment Vice President
Marie began her career in 2015 with several internships at Santander CIB in the M&A department, then at [...]
Ryan Lewis
Investment Associate
Ryan Lewis began his career in 2017 as a graduate at Santander’s retail bank. One year later, he joined [...]
Marion Jacquet
Investment Associate
Marion began her career in 2019 with an internship at Swiss Life Asset Managers in the Infrastructure Private Equity [...]
Wei Wang
Investment Analyst
Wei began his career in 2020 as an M&A intern at Messier & Associés working...
Jérémy Paigné
Investment Analyst
Jeremy began his career in 2019 with several internships at Credit Agricole CIB Coverage and at Eolfi as Financial [...]
Anouch Mkhitarian
Portfolio Manager
Anouch started her career in 2006 at Accuracy as an analyst, where she gained strong financial expertise, [...]
Mélanie Legrand
Portfolio Manager
Mélanie started her career in 2010 at Dexia Crédit Local as Portfolio Manager of an international portfolio [...]
Investment - Equity
Jaime Hector
Investment Managing Director
From 1993 to 2005, Jaime worked for investment bank Schroders and, after its acquisition by Salomon Smith [...]
Louis-Roch Burgard
Investment Managing Director
Louis-Roch started his career in 1998 as a civil servant at the Ministry of Finance, prior to joining the recently [...]
Romain Le Mélinaidre
Investment Executive Director
Romain started his career in 2007 at ABN AMRO (Graduate Program). Subsequently, he held investment [...]
Pierre-Alexandre Buil
Investment Vice President
Pierre-Alexandre Buil started his career in 2017 at Barclays, providing investment banking services including [...]
Guglielmo Iani
Investment Associate
Guglielmo began his career in 2020 as a Corporate Finance Graduate at Deutsche Bank in London, covering [...]
Manon Lherbière
Investment Associate
Manon started her career in 2019 with two internships, in Transaction Services at Mazars in Paris [...]
Valentin Fontaine
Investment Analyst
Valentin began his career in 2019 with several internships in infrastructure investment at Ardian [...]
Jeanne Michon-Savarit
Head of Sustainability
Jeanne Michon-Savarit began her career in 2003 as a market development manager at Daydream before joining [...]
Karan Kapoor
ESG Analyst
Karan began his career in 2016 as a Project Engineer at Siemens in the Mobility Division [...]
Investor Relations & Client Service
Patrick Liedtke
Chief Client Officer & Chief Economist
Patrick joined the Geneva Association in 1998, after a career in capital market analysis and economic research [...]
Nicolas Moriceau
Investor Relations Director
Nicolas started his career in 2002 as Client Service Officer covering French Institutional Investors at AXA [...]
Amaury Debiard
Investor Relations Associate
Amaury Debiard started his career in 2018 at Natixis Investor Managers as an RFP analyst for [...]
Samiye Durmaz
Head of Client Service
Samiye began her career in 1994 in the Debt Operations department of Merrill Lynch Capital Markets France that [...]
Gautier Hemedinger
Client Service Associate
Gautier began his career in 2019 as a Client Services Officer within Natixis CIB in Paris where he was in charge [...]
Risk & Compliance
Stéphane Buemi
Chief Risk Officer
Stéphane started his career in 1997 as an analyst at commodity trading company before joining Goldman Sachs [...]
Camille Zwisler
Risk Management Vice President
Camille started her career in 2013 as an apprentice in the infrastructure team at CNP Assurances [...]
Ahlam Valenti
Head of Compliance and Internal Control
Ahlam is the RCCI (head of compliance and internal control) at Infranity, in charge of identifying, formalizing, [...]
Justine Mallari
Compliance and Internal Control Officer
Justine began her career in 2017 at the private bank C.A Indosuez Wealth Management where she was a [...]
Charline Le Scornet
Compliance and Internal Control Officer
Charline began her career in 2015 in the Inspection General department of La Banque Postale [...]
Pierre Briguet-Lamarre
General Counsel
Pierre began his career in the Istanbul office of Gide in 2005, advising French banks and industrial companies [...]
Dominique Bellec
Chief Operating Officer
Dominique started his career in 1990 as an auditor at EY before joining Dexia in 1993 where he spent [...]
Marine de Nagourski
Operations Vice President
Marine started her career in 2011 as Operations Analyst at Natixis Investment Managers [...]
Yassine Quendouchen
Operations Vice President
Yassine held various positions in the private equity and financial advisory fields, in the areas of Audit, Finance, [...]
Rabii Denguir
Operations Associate
Rabii Denguir started his career in 2018 at Go Beyond Investing in Zurich as deal flow executive, assisting [...]
Moncef Yahiaoui
Operations Associate
Moncef started his career in 2013 as Manager Audit FSO at Ernst & Young in Paris with a focus on [...]
Valérie Kosthowa
Executive Assistant & Office Manager
Valérie Kosthowa began her career in 1993 at Auxigem as an administrative assistant. In 1995, she joined [...]
Anne-Laure Theard
Office Manager
Anne-Laure began her professional experience abroad in 2002 as a Restaurant Manager in London [...]

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