Infranity : building the foundations
for a sustainable future

Infranity is a specialist asset management company dedicated to investing in sustainable and resilient infrastructure assets and businesses. United by a simple vision: we aim to develop and positively impact the economic growth and more broadly societies of the countries we invest in, while delivering stable, long-term value to our clients. 




Investor Commitments (bn)1







1Source : Infranity as of June 2024.


Infranity’s activity started in 2018. It was launched as a strategic partnership between three Managing Partners and the Generali Group – one of the leading insurance and asset management groups in Europe; as part of the Generali Investments ecosystem of asset management firms. Its business model was thoughtfully engineered to allow our institutional clients to benefit from the unique characteristics of infrastructure assets while operating under a strong alignment of interests.
At Infranity, we channel numerous years of industry experience, excellence and accountability into serving leading institutional investors by designing innovative investment solutions across the capital structure.
All investments are carefully selected to provide a stable source of yield and resilience across economic cycles. Our professionals are solely focused on these objectives and no other activities distract them from this goal.


We established Infranity with the conviction that investing in infrastructure offers the opportunity to go beyond long-term value creation. The asset class generates meaningful sustainable development to our country’s economies and societies. We believe our role is to unlock the asset class’ potential for positive impact. 
The long term prosperity of our countries depend on the ability to embrace a sustainable future. In line with this, our approach focuses on investing in resilient infrastructure and future-proof sectors that will be key to building a more sustainable and socially conscious world.
When investing on behalf of our investors, we aim to deliver attractive financial and ESG performances. At Infranity, alpha generation and sustainable commitment form an inseparable link.

Our strategies

We invest for our clients over the long-term. Our strategies are designed to respond to diverse client needs, by offering a broad set of investment opportunities. They reflect the decades of strong track records and distinctive know-how of our professionals in structuring sophisticated solutions.

Over the years, we have developed groundbreaking investment strategies, demonstrated the ability to successfully deploy capital across a number of resilient investments and have generated attractive risk-adjusted returns across all our portfolios. We have also built a deep expertise on the management of infrastructure portfolios optimised from a Solvency II point of view for insurance companies.

Being an affiliate of the Generali Group, we benefit from robust governance. Our funds are typically seeded by the Generali Group but our investment process is managed independently, avoiding any conflicts of interest.

We are proud of the successful development of our company over the last few years and the mutual trust established with our investors. Our Company has always focused on creating value on behalf of its clients through investments in essential infrastructure that foster the sustainable transformation of our economies and societies.

Philippe Benaroya,
CEO of Infranity

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