Infrastructure Debt – Resilient Credit in a market regime with late cycle risks

Published on 08/12/2023

Patrick M. Liedtke (Chief Client Officer & Chief Economist) and Nohman Iqbal (Investor Relations Director) outline the investment case for private infrastructure debt investments in the context of the new market regime with higher for longer interest rates and the opportunity-set for private infrastructure investments in 2024.

Strong political support in Europe and the US will deliver attractive infrastructure opportunities for investors over the next decades. In addition, the higher for longer interest rate regime has shifted focus towards resilient asset classes in an environment of late cycle and elevated credit risks. 2023 was a difficult year from a macroeconomic perspective, which is unlikely to change in 2024 but potentially with lower overall volatility. At Infranity, we believe that both infrastructure equity and debt investments will enter an exciting year ahead with a proven track record of resilience, long-term financial and political tailwinds, and particularly attractive entry points.


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